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LabTrove has a plugin called Claddier, which uses the Claddier protocol (an extension of the TrackBack protocol) to allow Entries to be informed when they are linked to from other Entries in the same Notebook, Entries from other Notebooks on the same Trove and for the first time, Entries in other Troves that have been white-listed.

To use the Claddier plugin rather than the current linking mechanism, first add claddier to the list of plugins in $ct_config['plugins'] in config.php. Once enabled, more information about how the plugin works can be found at:


If you are upgrading an existing trove you will need to:

  1. Upgrade the database schema by importing install/sql/update-claddier.sql:
    mysql -u root -p labtrove < install/sql/update-claddier.sql
  2. From the lib/scripts/ directory run the script updatecladdier.php:

White-listing other Troves

If you want other troves to be able to send messages to Entries when they are cited (linked to), you need to add these to the the white-list. Administrators for a Trove can access the management page for the this white-list at:


On this management page you can enter the name, URL and IP address of other Troves that you want to inform you when Entry in your trove are cited (linked to). It is not essential that the URL resolves to the IP address, as only the IP address is used for white-listing. If you have a subnet (range) of IPs you want to white-list you can do this for /8, /16 and /24 subnets using a regular expression, E.g.:

 /8 subnet = 16777216 IP addresses.  E.g. -  Use regular expression 192.*
 /16 subnet = 65536 IP addresses.  E.g. -  Use regular expression 192.168.*
 /24 subnet = 256 IP addresses. E.g. -  Use regular expression 192.168.56.*

An RDF listing of white-listed Troves can be found at:


Linked Posts

Once a Entry has been linked to by another Entry, the words Linked Entries will appear underneath the Entry. Clicking on these will reveal all the linked Entries. If a Entry is from a separated local Notebook it will be suffix with (Notebook name). If the Entry is from a Notebook in another Trove it will be suffixed with (external).