Backing up and restoring LabTrove

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How LabTrove stores data items

Version 2.2 of LabTrove stores data items as binary large objects in the MySQL database, subject to a threshold that is configurable by the system administrator. Above the threshold, LabTrove stores large data items in the file system. Storing all but very large files in the database has the advantage that a backup of the database contains all the data in the Trove; restoring that backup with a fresh copy of the code rebuilds the entire Trove.

Question for Andy: My version of LabTrove has nothing related to large files in either default_config.php or config.php. As you seemed concerned on Wednesday about the threshold setting as it was then, I think it's better if you send me the relevant snippet(s) from your default_config.php. I'm happy to deal with the words and formatting.

For data items stored in the database, use the standard backup and restore procedures, such as those provided by MySQL.

For data items stored in the local filesystem, use the backup and restore procedures provided by your institution.