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In MediaWIki you can include content from one page in another page. You can also use create templates to standardise content. These templates can use named parameters and therefore maybe useful for creating entities for use in the documentation.

Sharing content from a page

In the page you want to include you can use the tag to add some explanatory text, for example:

<noinclude>This page is a part of a transclusion demo on [[:Help:Wikitext examples]]. 

Please do not add comments such as "This isn't a demo, it's just a line of text" to it.<br />

<br /></noinclude>

''This transclusion demo is a little bit of text from the page [[:Help:Transclusion Demo]] to be included into any file.''

Add the content that you want to be able to share between curly braces in the page, for example:

{{:Help:Transclusion Demo}}

Using templates to define variables

It is possible to create variables using the template markup in MediaWiki. To create a template, create a page with the title Template:xxx where the title you want for the page is xxx. Enter the word, phrase, or boilerplate text that you want into the template.

In the new page where you want to use the variable enter the name of the page between 2 curly brackets. This format does not work everywhere, most notably in links. The link below is successfully created, but the name is fixed rather than variable. This means the names of pages will need to be manually updated for any changes that are made to the content of the template page.




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