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Getting access to LabTrove

Authentication for LabTrove uses one of the following three methods:

  • Local user identities and passwords
  • A central LDAP server
  • OpenID

If the Trove uses local user identities or an LDAP server for authentication you will see Username and Password fields when you click on the Login button at the top left of the Trove home page. If the Trove uses OpenID for authentication you will instead see a dialog box asking you to choose your OpenID provider.

If the Trove that you want to use uses local user identities or a central LDAP server you will need to contact the administrator of the Trove to get access before you can use it. The administrator will either provide you with a username and password, or enable an account you already have to access the Trove.

If the Trove uses OpenID as the authentication method then you can usually log in using your ID and password from a provider of an OpenID account. OpenID is a system which allows a user to use an existing account to login to various websites using the same username and password. Providers of OpenID accounts include the following organisations:

  • OpenID
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • MyOpenID
  • Livejournal
  • Flickr
  • Technorati
  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • Verisign
  • Vidoop
  • ClaimID

For more information about setting up an OpenID account, see [1].

Logging into LabTrove with a username and password

To log into LabTrove with a username and password that is not an from an OpenID account.

Using an OpenID account to log into LabTrove

To login using OpenID select the 'Login' link in the top left of the blog homepage.

Problems logging into LabTrove?

What to do next