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==Uploading files to the {{Blog}}==
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You can upload data files to your {{Blog}} to enable others to view or download them. If the data files are in .png or .jpg format, the image can be displayed on the {{Post}} and can be commented on separately. You can add links to your data files to the {{Post}} with which the files are associated. This is helpful for enabling others to see that there is data associated with the {{Post}} because with no links in the {{Post}} you can only see the data files when the specific {{Post}} is selected.
You cannot upload data to a new {{Post}}. You must first create a new {{Post}}, and then ''edit'' the {{Post}} to add your file. Icons and links for the uploaded files are displayed in the '''Attached Files''' box beneath the {{Post}} with which they have been associated.
:'''NOTE''': You can not delete a file once it has been uploaded to a {{Post}}. Ensure you select the correct file before you upload it.
If you want to upload multiple files in one go, you can create a zip containing the files. If you change the '''Upload Type''' to '''Zip File''' when you upload the file, {{LabTrove Product}} will decompress the files and add each file individually to the {{Post}}. If you set the '''Upload Type''' to '''Single Item''', the zip file is not decompressed, and zip file itself is added to the {{Post}}.
To add a data file to your {{Post}}:
# Create and submit a new {{Post}} or select an existing {{Post}}.
# Click the '''Edit Post''' link beneath the {{Post}}.
# In the '''Attached Files''' section, click '''Upload data'''.
# (Optional) Enter a title for your data file. This is useful for others who might want to download your file.
# Click '''Choose File''' to browse your file system for the data file.
# Select the file that you want to upload and click '''Choose'''.
# (Optional) Select the file type from the '''Type''' drop-down list. Leave the Type selected as '''Auto Detect''' to let {{LabTrove Product}} determine the file type.
# (Optional) If you are uploading a zip file and you want the files in the zip file to be added individually, change the  '''Upload Type''' to '''Zip File''.
# (Optional) If you want to provide a link to the data file in the text of the {{Post}} ('''NOTE''': If you make changes in the {{Post}} you will lose them if you add  data file unless you '''Submit''' your changes first):
## Ensure your cursor is in the position within your {{Post}} where you want to add the link to data file. 
## Click the '''Add to text''' button next to the data file that you want to include in your {{Post}} text.
# When you are ready to save your changes to the post, enter a reason for your changes in the '''Reason For Edit''' field.
# Click '''Submit''' to save the changes.
===Linking to an existing data file from your post===
Once you have uploaded a file on to the {{LabTrove Instance}}, anyone using the same {{LabTrove Instance}} can link to it. Each  uploaded file is assigned a unique numeric code, for example, 688. You can type the unique code in data markup to create a link to that data file within your {{Post}}. For example, to create a link to a file with the unique code 688, you would type the following into your {{Post}} at the appropriate location:
:<code lang="text"> [data]688[/data] </code>
When you submit your changes, the {{Post}} will contain a link to that file.
To find the unique code for a data file:
# Click on the data file to open the file in the browser.
# Record the value shown in the title bar for the new window.
# The unique code for the data file is the number part of the name of the html file. For example, if the title of the window is displayed as <code lang="text">http://blogs.chem.soton.ac.uk/data/files/27654.html</data>, the unique code for the data file is 27654. You would therefore enter the following text in your {{Post}} to create a link to that data file:
:<code lang="text"> [data]27654[/data] </code>
===Changing the format of the data displayed in your {{Post}}===
Formating Data Items
Resize data items, to resize them you can use the following syntax.
also if you only what a text link to the data in a post then you can use
==Adding an image from a website==
You can add an image from a website to your {{Post}}. Text does not wrap around an image, so position the image on a new line in your {{Post}}. You can also upload your own picture to your {{Blog}}, see [[Uploading data]].
To add an image from a website in your {{Post}}:
# Ensure your cursor is in the position within your {{Post}} where you want to add the image and click the '''Picture''' button.
# Enter the full URL address for the image. For example, for Google's Milankovich Logo you would enter the following URL in the URL field: <code lang="text"> http://www.google.com/logos/milankovich10-hp.gif</code>
# Click '''OK''' to add the link to the image into the {{Post}}. The format of the added link will look similar to the following markup:<code lang="text"> [img]http://www.google.com/logos/milankovich10-hp.gif[/img]</code>
# Click '''Submit''' to save your {{Post}}. If you are editing a {{Post}} you must enter a '''Reason for Edit''' before you can submit the {{Post}}. If the URL you entered is correct, the image is shown in your saved {{Post}}.
==What to do next==
*[[Editing an eNotebook entry and viewing revisions]]
*[[Linking to other eNotebook entries]]
* [[Linking to external resources]]
* [[Creating a sketch]]
* To find out how to use metadata effectively in your {{Blog}}, see [[Classifying the content of an eNotebook entry using metadata]]
* You can create template {{Posts}} to help you record consistent information for different experiments. For more information, see [[Recording repeated processes]].
{{End of topic}}

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