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The Timeline View provides a visual representation of the creation date and time of Entries in a selected Notebook. Within the Timeline View you can navigate to different Entries by changing the displayed date by scrolling backwards and forwards. Owing to the evolution of LabTrove Notebooks from a blog-based system, some internal variables do still use the term blog.

To display the Timeline View for the selected Notebook, click Timeline View beneath This Blog on the right navigation menu. You can scroll left and right to change the date range displayed in the view. You can scroll through longer periods of time more or less quickly by scrolling in the different horizontal sections of the Timeline View:

  • Days
  • Months
  • Years

Within each section there are visual markers to indicate the presence of Entries created on the dates displayed. You can also jump directly to a specific month by clicking on a link in the Jump to Date box beneath the Timeline. The Section Key shows the sections associated with the different colour coding used for the Entries.

To view a Entry on the Timeline View, click the Entry and click on one of the links in the information box that appears.

To return to the Notebook, click the Notebook title above the Timeline.

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