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You can add comments to annotate images that are displayed in Entries or are attached to Entries by drawing on them. Each comment is saved as an overlay for the image. These overlays can then be switched on and off by the users viewing the image.

Viewing comment overlays on an image

To view the comment overlays on an image click on the image icon in a Entry. In the window that is opened, a list of comments is displayed in the 'This Image has overlays' section. Each comment overlay the date and time of creation, and the creator of the comment is displayed. When you select an overlay, the content of that overlay is displayed over the original image. You can choose to view multiple comments by selecting multiple overlays from the list.

Adding comment

To add an annotation or comment to an image:

  1. In the Entry, click on the image icon. The image is displayed in a new window.
  2. Click on the Comment link. You can now draw over the image.
  3. (Optional) You can view any existing comment overlays by selecting them from the This Image has overlays section.
  4. When you have completed adding your annotations or comment, click Post comment. The new overlay is added to list of existing comments.

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