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Every Entry that you create must be added to a Section. In addition to the Section, you can add more metadata to your Entry in the form of key-value pairs. The key represents the attribute of the data, and the value is the value assigned to that attribute.

For more information about the metadata you can add to your Entries in LabTrove, see Using metadata. For help defining the metadata for your Notebook, see Defining the metadata for your experiment.

Adding your Entry to a Section

You can choose a Section from the existing options in the drop-down list, or alternatively you can create a new Section:

  1. Create or edit a Entry
  2. Select - New section - from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter a name for the new Section in the New section name.
  4. Click OK.

A new Section is created in the Sections part of the navigation menu in the Notebook. Your Entry is added to the new Section. The Section is available in the drop-down menu for Section when you create or edit a Entry.

Adding metadata to your Entry

You can add metadata to your Entries in the form of key/value pairs. The key is displayed as a heading in the navigation menu and the value becomes a link beneath that heading. For example you might create a key called Data with a value of NMR. You can add multiple key and value pairs to your Entries. To add metadata key and value pairs to your Entry:

  1. Create or edit a Entry
  2. In the Extra Metadata section select an existing value for key or alternatively create a new key:
    1. Select -- New Key -- from the drop-down list.
    2. Enter a name for the new key in the New metadata key.
    3. Click OK
  3. Add a new value for the selected key in the value text box.
  4. (Optional) If you want to add multiple values to the same key, add the values separated with semicolons. For example :Sample;Product
  5. Click the Add metadata button. A new row with key and value options is displayed below the key and value you created.
  6. To add more metadata keys and values, repeat the process above, clicking the Add metadata button for each new entry.
  7. Click Submit' to save the Entry with the metadata.

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