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Reports are collections of posts that have been frozen in time, this means that they reference a particular revision of a post, so even if a post gets updated, the report will show the content as it was when the report was created. This can be useful if you wish to collate a set of results for accompanying data for a paper.

To start with you need to create a list of posts (see Using the MyList Feature) and click the 'Create Report' link in the side bar.

You will then get a chance to edit the title of the report, once you are happy with the report you can publish, from this point on the report can not be edited.

Access to the report is also independent to the content, by default it will be private just for you, you can change this to be Trove users only or Public (googleable) Please note that if you make the report public this will open up any private content within the report, please make sure that you have the authors permission to do so.