Creating and configuring a new eNotebook

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Creating a new Notebook

You must have access and be logged into a Trove in order to create a new Notebook. See Logging into LabTrove, for instructions on gaining access and logging into a Trove. Owing to the evolution of LabTrove Notebooks from a blog-based system, some internal variables do still use the term blog.

To create a new Notebook:

  1. Click new blog in the Your Blogs section of the Trove home page.
  2. Enter a name for your Notebook in the Blog Title field. This is the name that is displayed in the banner at the top of the Notebook.
  3. Enter a short name for your Notebook in the Short Name field. The short name is used in the URL of the blog and can contain only letters, numbers, and the underscore _ character. The short name must be unique, and cannot be changed once the Notebook has been created.
  4. (Optional) Add a description for your Notebook in the Description field. The description for the Notebook is displayed as a tag line beneath the name of the Notebook.
  5. Select the appropriate Blog Type from the list of available options.
  6. Click Add New Blog to create the your new Notebook

Your new Notebook is created and the Settings page is displayed. The next step is configure the security and access settings for your Notebook.

Configuring security and access on a Notebook

You must decide what level of security and access you want to permit on your Notebook. There are four levels of access available:

  • Public
  • Blog Users only
  • Private
  • Custom

The Public option allows anyone to access the Notebook and the content of the Notebook may be accessible and included in search engines such as Google. If the Trove is not publicly visible then users may need to be on site or use a VPN in order to access the Notebook. The Blog Users only option makes the Notebook viewable only to users that have access and are logged onto the Trove. If you select the Private option, only you can see the contents of your Notebook. The Custom option enables you to give specific individuals or groups access to your Notebook. You need to know the usernames of any specific individuals that you wish to grant access to.

To change the security and access settings for your Notebook, click the appropriate option from the choices available. To use the Custom option:

  1. Click Custom.
  2. Choose the group you want to give access to from the Select: list or alternatively choose - New Zone - from the Select: list to create a new group of users. When you select a group from the list, the members of the group are displayed in the User: section.
  3. (Optional) To add a new user to the selected group:
    1. Click Add User.
    2. Add the user's username in To add an user please enter a username.
    3. Click Verify user to check the username.
    4. Click Now add to your group to add the selected user to the custom user group.

You can remove an added user by clicking on the cross next to the user's name in the User: section.

Any changes that you make to the security and access settings are changed immediately. You can access these settings at any time from the Notebook page, by clicking This Blog -> Blog Settings.

What to do next

Once you have create a Notebook, you can start creating Entries, see Creating eNotebook entries.