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Viewing Notebooks and Entries

When you first visit a Trove you can see a list of the Notebooks that have public access. You might also see Notebooks listed that have a lock icon next to them. These Notebooks require you to log into the Trove before you can see them and access their content. Other Notebooks in the Trove might not be visible at all until you have logged into the Trove. See Logging into LabTrove, for more information about getting access and logging in.

If you are logged in and have created your own Notebook, you can find it on the Trove Dashboard in the Your Blogs box.

To view the content of a Notebook click on the name of the Notebook. Within the Notebook the five most recent Entries are displayed on the first page. The Entries are displayed in chronological order, with the most recent Entry displayed first. You can use the Older posts and Newer posts links to navigate between the Entries in the Notebook. You can also use the links on the navigation menu on the right of the page to locate blogs from particular time periods or about particular subjects. See Finding items in the eNotebook, for information on how to locate specific Entries in a Notebook.

Click All blogs to return to viewing the list of available Notebooks or click Dashboard to view your Entries.

To view an individual Entry and any comments associated with the Entry click on the title of the Entry. You can also click on the Comments button to show the contents of the post and associated comments. You can use the Previous Post and Next Post links to navigate between the Entries in this view. Click the name of the Notebook on the left of the banner on the page to return to viewing the most recent Entries.

Viewing recent activity

If you are logged into a Trove you can choose to subscribe to new activity on your Notebooks or on other user's Notebooks. See Subscribing to recent activity, for instructions on setting up subscriptions. Once you have configured subscriptions you can see any new activity in the Your Subscriptions box on the Trove Dashboard.

Viewing information about yourself and other users

If you are logged into a Trove, you can view information about yourself and your account by clicking on your name in the top left corner of the home page. Recent Entries and comments are listed on this page, together with your subscription settings, and your user information. You can also access your user page by clicking your name on any Entries or comments you have created.

You can view the recent Entries and comments made by other users by viewing their user pages by clicking on their names in any Entries and comments they have created.

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