Integrating with other systems

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There are many different ways that you can integrate LabTrove with other systems that you use. For example, you can export your content from the Notebook for use in other locations or from which to extract content such as URLs. For more information about how to export your Entries from LabTrove and the different formats available, see Exporting content from the eNotebook.

You can share templates that you have created with others in your community by using the myExperiment website. For more information, and steps for including your templates on the myExperiment website, see Sharing templates using myExperiment.

You can also connect LabTrove directly to sensors and instruments in your workplace or the environment by writing your own plugins to LabTrove. Using a plugin you can create, edit, and add data to Entries automatically. For example, you could create a new Entry each time an instrument completes analysis or a sample, or each time the temperature in a room changes by a specified amount. For more information about connecting other devices to LabTrove, see Writing plugins for LabTrove.

What to do next

See Sending Twitter messages using the RSS feeds, for steps on how to connect your Notebook to Twitter.