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Adding a link to an existing Entry

You can link your Entry to other Entries in the Trove. They can help any readers of your blog to find important related information. For example, it can be useful to link from an experiment to the reagents used and the results. You can choose to link to Entries within the same Notebook or a different Notebook.

To add a link to an existing Entry:

  1. Create a new Entry or edit a Entry.
  2. At the position in the Entry where you want to link to the existing Entry, click the Insert link to blog post button. The Link to a Post window is displayed.
  3. (Optional) If you want to link to a Entry from another Notebook, select the Notebook from the list of available Notebooks. If you have access to the Notebook the list of Entry titles is displayed.
  4. (Optional) You can find the Entries to link to by using the links under Archives, Sections, and other metadata headings. Click on the links to see Entries in each category.
  5. When you have found the Entry to which you want to link, click on the Entry title. A link to the Entry is added.
  6. Click Publish to save and publish your Entry. If you are editing a Entry you must enter a Reason for Edit before you can submit the Entry.

The title of the Entry you have linked to is shown in your saved Entry. A return link to your new Entry is added to the bottom of the linked Entry.

Viewing which Entries are linked

If a Entry has other Entries that link to it, a chain icon, with a Linked Posts link, is displayed near to the title of the Entry. Click on the chain icon or Linked Posts link to view the list of Entry titles that link to the selected Entry.

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