Subscribing to recent activity

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You can choose to subscribe to new content Entries or comments on specific Notebooks. New activity on the Notebooks is displayed on the Trove Dashboard in the Your Subscriptions section.

To subscribe to new activity on a Notebook or to change your subscription settings:

  1. Click Dashboard to return to the Trove dashboard page.
  2. In the Your Subscribed Blogs section, click Settings. Your user page is displayed.
  3. To subscribe to Entries and comments from a specific Notebook, ensure the Notebook is selected in the Your Subscription Settings section. You can subscribe to multiple Notebooks.
  4. Click Save to save your settings. When you view the Trove home page the latest Entries and comments in the Notebooks you have subscribed to, are displayed in the Your Subscriptions section.

If you no longer want to receive or see the latest activity on a particular Notebook, you can change your subscription settings and unselect the Notebook.

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