Using the MyList Feature

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LabTrove has a List Feature that you can uses to build collections of posts just like a shopping basket on a shopping site.

Please note that lists are not stored, unless you create something with the list e.g. a report.

Making a List

When you are on a single post page, under the 'This Post' segment on the side bar you should see a 'Add to list' link, once you have click it a My List link should appear at the top of the page, this should also have the number of posts in the list.

Managing a list

By clicking on the 'My List' link at the top of the page you should get a view of all the posts in your list. this is where you can edit your list by deleting unwanted posts or reordering the list with arrows next to the titles.

What to do with a list

Once you have compiled your list you can do a number of tasks with it: