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You can choose to format your text as bold, italic, or underlined. You can also combine styles, for example you can format your text as both bold and italic. This image shows the the Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons:


To format your text using these buttons, select the text that you want to format, and click the button. Alternatively you can click the button and then add your text.

You can also add markup manually to format the text. For example if you want to make the text Bold, you can type the [b][/b] tags. Any text you type between the markup is made bold. For example, the text [b]this is bold[/b] will generate this is bold in the saved Entry. The markup to format your text as italic is [i][/i] and the markup for underline is [u][/u].

You can also add the text formatting markup to your Entry by using one of the following shortcut keys:

  • Bold is [Ctrl+B]
  • Italic is [Ctrl+I]
  • Underline is [Ctrl+U]

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